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Beyonce Formation Tour - Wembley
Daniela Vesco / Parkwood Entertainment / AP Invision

Beyoncé sued for sample used in ‘Formation’ opening

The $20million dollar case centres on an ‘uncleared’ sample of deceased Orleans rapper Messy Mya

The estate of Messy Mya, a New Orleans-based rapper and famous YouTuber who was murdered in 2010, is suing Beyoncé.

A case, seeking $20 million from the Lemonade singer, alleges that “Formation” uses a sample from Messy Mya, real name Anthony Barré. At the beginning of the track, the rapper can be heard saying “What happened after New Orleans?” and “Bitch I’m back, by popular demand”, from his work “A 27 Piece Huh?” and “Booking The Hoes From New Wildins”. No credit is given to Barré.

“They are the defining introduction of the song ‘Formation’ and the seed from which the entire song grows,” the lawsuit claims. “There should be no doubt that Anthony Barré’s unique, gravelly voice, cadence and words were sampled by defendants.”

According to TMZ, this sample was not cleared, and while the family attempted to contact Beyoncé and her team about the use of the sample, they were repeatedly ignored.

The case is suing for $20 million dollars in royalties and other damages now that its first “amicable” requests were aired.

“He was very famous for the line, ‘Follow me camera,’ as he traversed the City of New Orleans and traveled deeply into the gay, lesbian and transgender communities,” the lawsuit states.

Barré was shot in 2010 while exiting a baby shower in New Orleans, aged just 22.

Watch Messy Mya’s “Booking The Hoes From New Wildin” and Beyoncé’s video for “Formation” below: