Get obsessed with Kilo Kish’s new video

Before she heads on tour with Vince Staples, the R&B singer drops a stylish, self-directed video for ‘Obsessing’

Kilo Kish is heading out on tour with California rapper Vince Staples for their The Life Aquatic Tour next month, and the R&B singer has dropped a new video for “Obsessing” before she hits the road. Taken from last year’s debut album Reflections In Real Time, the video (directed by Kilo Kish with Elliott Sellers) sees a suited-up Kish dance through a multistoreyed car park while the song’s lush vocals, kaleidoscopic synths, and shifting rhythms play underneath.

“The song was called ‘Obsessing’ before it was written,” Kish says over email. “It was one of many prompts of different social subjects I placed in front of myself when I started writing. I like to explore man-made spaces and boxes we create in which to live more comfortably. The mind is one of those things, boxes inside boxes, and sometimes it can become stressed.”

As she explains, the video’s imagery was devised to reflect the song’s themes. “I’m kind of obsessed with this image of an individual malfunctioning, a cog in the flow of society, one walking the wrong way up the stairs during rush hour or whatever,” she says. “Something not working perfectly well in its surroundings. Blending, but not exactly. Boring suit, boring parking garage and some girl (me) just exploding. So for this video, I was excited to play this game.”

Watch the video for “Obsessing” above.