The amazing Young Thug video that never was, or maybe was

Thugger never actually turned up for the ‘Wyclef Jean’ shoot, but it still cost $100,000

Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” video opens with a written message from co-director Ryan Staake explaining the clip’s concept: women driving kiddy cars, kids driving adult cars, and Thugger positioned in the middle of it all. The problem is that Young Thug never actually showed up for the shoot.

From that point, a surprisingly engrossing story unfolds, discussing the various ideas for the video that had to be scrapped due to Thugger’s absence, label pressure, and police arguments. As it goes on, Staake weaves self-shot footage from Young Thug (featuring the rapper earing Cheetos on an airstrip) and ditched references to Requieum For A Dream into the narrative, ending by revealing that even without Young Thug the whole thing cost $100,000.

Of course, there are a few red flags. Was the final video the result of a series of mishaps, or was it always planned to be like this? How many videos shoot in chronological order? It’s still a wild ride though. Watch it above.