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pj harvey

PJ Harvey’s notebooks are being turned into a radio drama

On Kosovo Field details the story of two refugee siblings returning to their native home to uncover a troubled family history

A five-part radio drama based on PJ Harvey’s notebooks during her journey to Kosovo will be coming to the BBC.

“On Kosovo Field”, written by Fin Kennedy, sees two Kosovan-born, Manchester-raised siblings go back to Kosovo after finding out that a mass grave has been discovered near their home. As Pitchfork reports, Nico Mirallegro and Michelle Keegan will star in the Nadia Molinari-produced show.

Kennedy and Molinari visited Kosovo when researching the drama. Kennedy explained the play's format: “The ‘play cycle’ as an idea takes its inspiration from the traditional song cycles of the Albania/Kosovo region. By the end of the cycle we come to understand that the siblings are a metaphor for Kosovo itself, the newest country in Europe, poignantly searching for an identity after centuries of conflict.”

PJ Harvey and filmmaker Seamus Murphy visited Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington while creating her album The Hope Six Demolition Project and her collection of poetry, The Hollow of the Hand. Her music video for “The Wheel” chronicles Kosovo-shot footage from 2011 to 2015.

The radio drama will begin on Radio 4 on January 9 at 10.45am GMT, with a new instalment until January 13. Find out more about the play here