Yung Lean and Dean Blunt collaborate on ‘Fronto Kings’

The Sadboys rapper teams up with the enigmatic London musician for a hazy new video

Yung Lean has shared a new video called “Fronto Kings”, recorded with an unlikely collaborator – enigmatic UK experimental musician Dean Blunt.

The video, shared on Facebook yesterday via Blunt’s sometime label Hyperdub, depicts Blunt and Lean wandering the city streets at night. The track is split into three parts – a hazy rap beat, some smoky hip hop, and finally some leftfield rock. The caption on the video reads “Wuthering heights stockholm2016”.

A team-up between Yung Lean and Dean Blunt wasn’t something we necessarily expected, but it maybe makes sense. The two artists travel in similar scenes and have at least one connection in common – Lean was once managed by the late Barron Machat, while Blunt previously released music with Machat’s record label Hippos in Tanks.

“Fronto Kings” can be listened to above. More music can be heard via the jonatan leandoer127 YouTube channel.