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The only tracks you need to hear this week

Our roundup of the best new music of the past seven days, with songs by Bibi Bourelly, Evy Jane, Kojey Radical and more

IllustrationAbbey MidanikTextSelim Bulut

This week’s playlist features some incredible new talent: HMLTD (formerly Happy Meal Ltd) prove they’re one of the more exciting bands to emerge from London in a while with creaky post-punk song “Is This What You Wanted”, spoken word artist Kojey Radical flies the flag for UK hip hop with the strikingly original “Gallons”, and Obongjayar intrigues with his atmospheric song “Creeping”. Elsewhere, PC Music-associated producer Kane West turns Mozart’s Sister’s “Eternally Girl” into a sparkling pop track, Evy Jane and Nils Bech stun with their evocative vocals, and Bibi Bourelly shows off her preternatural songwriting talents. 

Listen to the playlist below.