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Le Tigre
Photography Sarah Stierch

Le Tigre to reunite for one more song

Kathleen Hanna has confirmed the trio are back at it again for the first time since 2004

Riot Grrrl heroine Kathleen Hanna has revealed that Le Tigre are back together to record a new song, to be released this month.

The musician told Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves in the Talkhouse Music Project: “Le Tigre just got back together in the studio – you have the scoop – for a special song that we are going to release hopefully, like, early-to-mid-October.”

“I will not say what it’s about, but it’s been really fun working with them again,” she added. The electroclash NY band don’t intend to tour or put out any more productions, other than this singular upcoming track.

It’s been 16 years since the band put out music, going back to 2004’s This Island, with two previous LPs. Bikini Kill founder Hanna has spent the subsequent years working on The Julie Ruin with Kathi Wilcox, releasing Hit Reset earlier in the year.

Hanna and Graves also discussed the breakup of G.L.O.S.S, the queer hardcore band who rejected a $50,000 deal with Epitaph Records.

“In terms of a major label offer, that’s not good enough. I mean, I would turn it down because it’s not good enough. It’s not worth it to, like, compromise your identity,” she said.

Continuing, Hanna explaned further: “A major label offering $50,000, to me, is a total slap in the face. A major label has tons of money. They should be able to offer a really amazing band like G.L.O.S.S. a lot more than that because it costs a lot to make an album.”

“It costs a lot of money to master it, and what the major label’s gonna want it to sound like means that they’re gonna have to go into a different studio; they’re gonna have to work with a producer. All of that money is just going to go into producing their record, and they’re each going to end up with, like, 500 bucks? That’s not cool.”

Watch the full discussion on the Talkhouse Music Project livestream below.