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via @saintrecords / Instagram

Solange teases a new music project

A follow-up to her 2012 True EP could be on its way

In June, Solange revealed that she had finished working on her new album, with what would be a follow-up to 2012’s True and the 2013 compilation Saint Heron. Now, she’s teased a mystery musical project on her social media.

The musician posted a photo on Instagram with the accompanying caption “86 of you will receive a seat at the table in the mail.....first come....first”. She also deleted all of her tweets except those that tease the new project, and her website has been updated.

Solange intends to write letters to the 86 winners, who have won “seats”, and has since updated the Instagram photo caption: "Thank you all for signing up. The seats are all reserved... But stay tuned for more.”

Her website has been updated frequently with visuals that suggest a possible music video, with images of dancers in gold jumpsuits and Solange in a pink bubble coat.

The singer’s last official release was her True EP in 2012.