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The only tracks you need to hear this week

Our favourite tracks of the past seven days, featuring a brilliant Stranger Things tribute and new music from Jenny Hval, Justice and Jam City

IllustrationLuca BarbieriTextSelim Bulut

This week, our playlist veers from Justice’s prog-pop to Jubilee’s dancehall to Jam City’s agit-pop. Along the way there’s more stuff beginning with a ‘J’ (in this case, Jenny Hval’s “Period Piece”), as well as very fun and very futuristic sounds from Tri Angle’s Katie Gately and some sultry R&B from inc. no world. Finally, there’s a wicked tribute to the Stranger Things soundtrack by none other than Tangerine Dream, the legendary synth group who themselves influenced that show’s music. A broad range of stuff, then.

Listen to the playlist below.