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The only tracks you need to hear this week

Ariel Pink and Drugdealer write jangly pop, Dawn Richard does hi-tech R&B and Swet Shop Boys reveal an ode to Zayn Malik in our latest new music roundup

The week’s playlist ranges from vintage songwriting to hi-tech R&B. In the former camp, there’s jangly guitars from LA’s Drugdealer (featuring guest crooning from Ariel Pink) and wistful pop from London’s The Rhythm Method. In the latter, R&B star Dawn Richard continues her run of amazing collaborations by teaming up with producer Machinedrum while Mykki Blanco drops a real tearjerker. And in between there’s an ode to Zayn Malik from Swet Shop Boys (Heems and Riz MC), emotional rap from Brockhampton’s Merlyn Wood, and a techno bubbler from Kelly Lee Owens.

Listen to the playlist below.