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mykki loner
Mykki Blanco and Jean Deaux

Mykki Blanco shares his pain on new single ‘Loner’

The latest song from the rapper’s debut album is about ‘a universal feeling of not feeling worthy enough’

Mykki Blanco has shared a new song called “Loner”, the latest cut to be taken from his debut album Mykki, released on September 16.

While “High School Never Ends”, the album’s first single, was a tender and emotional piece of music, its follow-up “The Plug Won’t” showcased Blanco’s more amped-up, party-friendly tendencies. “Loner” is another left turn: it’s a dainty song featuring Chicago vocalist/songwriter Jean Deaux that tackles the more isolating aspects of life both online and off.

“‘Loner’ is a song about misunderstanding,” Blanco explains in a press release, “And more than misunderstanding, it’s a song about a universal feeling of not feeling worthy enough, not feeling good enough. We as a human race go through so much and yet rarely are able to share our pain, our compromises. People only know a party persona when it comes to Mykki Blanco, with this album and with this song I want them to know who I am on the inside.”

Listen to “Loner” below.