Listen to Sean Nicholas Savage’s beautiful new album

The cult Canadian songwriter’s latest album ‘Magnificent Fist’ comes with its own set of abstract visuals

Sean Nicholas Savage is one of this generation’s best and most prolific cult musicans. He’s been releasing melodic, classically beautiful albums at a rate of roughly one-per-year with Montreal independent label Arbutus Records for a good few years now, with his latest collection of songs being titled Magnificent Fist.

Recorded in Glasgow and Berlin, Magnificent Fist is being given a special, all-at-once release today. And, like a lot of surprise releases, this one comes with its own visual component too – although this is significantly more DIY than, say, the latest Beyoncé record. The visuals are sometimes simple, sometimes striking, and sometimes abstract, with some featuring cameos from fellow musicians from Savage’s world.

We spoke to Savage for the latest issue of Dazed, where he told us more about the process behind the record and its inspirations. He also elaborated on the meaning of its title. “It’s all about the energy of the swing and the fist – not a punch, it’s not called ‘Magnificent Punch’, it’s about the fist,” he said, “Just a sort of beautiful energy – like a jump, a great jump is what it means.”

You can watch the visual accompaniment for “Over The Night” above, and check out the full album on YouTube. 

Arbutus Records release Magnificent Fist on cassette on September 27