Watch Fatima Yamaha’s bold, colourful new video

The Dutch producer follows underground classic ‘What’s A Girl To Do?’ with a new clip for ‘Love Invaders’

The story of Fatima Yamaha is a strange one. In 2004, Yamaha – a young woman with a Japanese father and a Turkish mother – released an instrumental electronic song called “What’s A Girl To Do?”, which utilised a simple, repetitive melody but packed a huge emotional punch. Yamaha disappeared almost immediately after its release, and the song drifted from most people’s memories.

In reality, Fatima Yamaha was in fact a Dutch producer called Bas Bron, and although he effectively retired the alias after his first EP was released, “What’s A Girl To Do?” slowly resurfaced thanks to the persistence of a select few DJs. Eventually the track was sampled by Hudson Mohawke and reissued by the Dekmantel label, and it’s currently a staple of dancefloors and music festivals the world over.

Bas Bron has been touring as Fatima Yamaha since the song’s revival, and even issued his debut album Imaginary Lines late last year. One of its highlights is “Love Invaders”, a funk house track with a music video that evokes 70s educational films with its bold colour palette. “To me, ‘Love Invaders’ is about how we are constantly proving authenticity through ghostly proceedings,” says video director Bear Damen, “They become abstract, observational situations telling a story, and showing different roles. And how our endeavor for ‘control’ reduces our dancing space.”

“Several themes are hidden inside each abstraction, and only the last one requires reflection,” he continues, “Next to the mostly Turkish-Japanese people in the video, we ‘see’ traces of relevant other people. In between all of this there’s the music propelling the pulses and timing of these ‘loops’.”

Watch the video above.