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Morrissey Cropped
via Wikimedia Commons

Morrissey has launched an animal rights-themed video game

The Smiths frontman has made an 8-bit arcade-style game with PETA to rival Pokemon Go

If you’re totally over that game catching helpless, endangered animals in tiny red and white balls that only serves to encourage man’s inherent aggression and dominating nature, Morrissey has come to the rescue with a new video game that’s saving digi animals from slaughter.

Inspired by The Smiths’ 1985 track “Meat is Murder”, The Beautiful Creature Must Die is an arcade-style game made in collaboration with animal rights group PETA and This is Pop. 

In a statement, Morrissey said: “This game is the biggest social crusade of all, as we safeguard the weak and helpless from violent human aggression. You don’t get that from Pokémon Go”.

Playing the game, users tap furiously to save chickens, cows and pigs from the abattoir machines, while also dodging bombs. If you let a little farmyard animal fall into the jaws of death, you’ve met the endgame, and the words ‘death for no reason’ pop up on screen.

Morrissey is a pretty outspoken advocate for animal rights – he’s banned the selling of meat products at some of his shows – so the twisted take on catching Abras and Pidgeys is no surprise really. 

Play The Beautiful Creature Must Die below.