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Delroy Edwards 3
Delroy EdwardsPhoto by Dicko Chan

Hangin’ at the beach with Delroy Edwards

The LA producer shares his lo-fi debut album Hangin’ At The Beach, and heads to an actual beach to take some photos

Besides making raw, lo-fi electronic music, Delroy Edwards runs the L.A. Club Resource record label (producers of one of techno’s most inescapable t-shirts) and runs the Gene’s Liquor online store with his crew Henoch Moore and Jimmy Mock. With the label he’s built a community of artists who are similarly obsessed with grainy textures and DIY production, while the store releases cassette mixes of lost underground rap and slowed-down funk.

Edwards’ debut album Hangin’ At The Beach brings together all of these obsessions, unifying them within his fuzzy sound world. But for all its musical experimentation, the Los Angeles producer insists that it has a very particular meaning to him.

“This record is very personal,” he explains, “It has love, hate, and all things in between. But above all, it’s supposed to be fun.”

The 30-track album cycles through murky rap beats, melancholic synth pop instrumentals, and weird and warped techno defined by its raw, lo-fi sound. Its crackly 80s aesthetic should be familiar to fans of fellow LA artists like Ariel Pink, sounding like rediscovering a dusty, forgotten old cassette of late-night radio cuts at the back of a cupboard.

Besides streaming Hangin’ At The Beach, Edwards also hung out at an actual LA beach and got some photographic evidence. Listen to the album below and check out the photos above.