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Erykah Badu
Erykah Badu@erykahbadu via Instagram

Erykah Badu is reading palms on Twitter

We asked experts how accurate the musician’s psychic predictions really are

The queen of neo-soul and total magical being Erykah Badu has been doing some palm reading for fans on Twitter.

A fan tweeted to ask if the musician would do a reading, to which she replied “take a pic of it and let us see”. She’s since imparted wisdom on several more intrigued fans who’ve snapped their hands for the singer’s apparently all-seeing eye. 

But how accurate is the Baduizm being when it comes to seeing things on a higher level?

Amelie Appleby, a pro fortune teller, tells Dazed not so much. “Most of what she's said doesn't apply to what's in those palms,” she explained. “I think perhaps mostly she's just having a laugh.”

However, one in particular stood out as a close-to-the-bone reading. “I feel (sic) You are too nice to these Hos. You should start givin these mufukas the bizness. Don't letm run over you boo,” Badu tells @localraisin. It “could make sense” according to Appleby.

“It is the hand of someone who is strong-willed and strong-minded, who gives a lot and loves to share, but is worn out and doubting herself,” says Appleby. “Erykah’s reading advises the owner of the palm to stand up for herself and not give too much. I'd agree with this, and add that the owner of the palm needs to believe in herself more as she seems to have lost sight of the powerhouse she truly is.”

“To be honest this palm reader is not real. I have seen some legit ones but this looks like a proper internet scam,” Astrid of Spiritual Alchemy tells us.

“Palm readings in general are more scam-prone than, let’s say, tarot or astrology but I have seen some really impressive ones – those people usually stay quite low key.”

“You are already very rich inside. Play your drum and the Angels always hear your song. Let yourself love again,” Badu told one fan. Injecting a little humour into the otherworldly, she told another they would “find the first gay Pokémon”.

Last year, Tony Leggett, a professional palm reader, said the artist had a psychic ability. “She has psychic hands, with potential,” he said. “Long fingers and long palms show that there’s a spiritual connection somewhere down the line.”

See some of her best readings below.