Watch Father and Abra play badass renegades in the desert

The Awful Records duo go on the run in the part-Thelma & Louise, part-Ma$e & Puffy video for ‘Big Emblem Benz’

In the new video for “Big Emblem Benz”, a cut from Father’s newest LP, I’m a Piece of Shit, the Atlanta rapper and Awful Records honcho rides rather appropriately around in a Benz on a dirt road with the beautiful and talented songstress Abra – and he’s not even wearing a seat belt.

“Big Emblem Benz” is, in Father’s own words, a “bitter rant about pulling a girl away from her friends”, a tale of spite and friendship brought to life by the rapper’s unique effortless flow over a dirty trap beat. “The song is pretty much how that distaste for a friend's new love interest can cause someone to spitefully try to pull them apart, whether it be as treacherous as trying to introduce them to someone better or being outright condescending,” he explains.

For its video, director Ramez Silvan was tasked with creating something cinematic that would somehow include a Benz (a 1998 560SL, to be exact), requested by Father himself. “I knew after my first listen that this track needed a visual as hard and heavy as the bass that kicks in,” says Silvan. “Drawing influence from 90s cult cinema, the immediate image that filled my mind was the convertible cruising down an empty desert highway, en route to a safe house.”

Silvan and Father seem to be pretty much in sync. “We've always wanted to shoot something as badass renegades in the desert, with the nice car, very Ma$e and Puffy,” says Father. “Ramez – without me even mentioning it to him – suggested the concept and location.”

As for the video vixen, Abra was down to make a cameo from the moment she heard the song, telling Father that “Big Embem Benz” was her favourite song from the album, but the pair’s couple-on-the-run vibe got a little bit too real when it came to actually returning the Benz after filming. “Abra and I took on the task of driving the Benz back to LA from Joshua Tree,” Father says, “A task, because the roof wouldn't go back up, so we rode through the cold night for two and a half hours with the top down.”

To add to the unglamorous and totally not cool ending, Father did the whole drive wearing the wet underwear he wore in the tub scene. “It got uncomfortable as hell, but I didn't want to strip to my nudes in the car, so I cut them off with a screwdriver I found. I did get to sling them backwards into traffic – real Thelma & Louise shit.”

And, good news for those left wanting more as Father hints that there may be more to come: “It was actually meant to be like a two or three part video but we couldn't make it happen do to my touring constraints, but maybe later.”

Father plays Wireless Festival in London on Sunday July 10th