Watch Lana Del Rey’s rejected ‘Honeymoon’ video

The singer never shared the track’s full video as ‘nothing really happened in it’, but now it’s leaked onto YouTube

When Lana Del Rey announced her latest album Honeymoon last year, she released a short clip of a grainy, home video-style music video for its title track on Instagram. The full video for the song never actually materialised, but three months ago the singer posted another clip of the video on Instagram, revealing that they’d been intended for a full video release but writing that it never got a wider release because “nothing really happened in it”.

But, as tends to happen nowadays, the full video has leaked online, as Oyster report. In it, LDR wears a kimono, applies makeup, and goes for a picnic by the highway. There is also a tiger. She’s right in saying that nothing happens in it, but why does something always have to happen for it to still be deemed interesting?

You can watch the leaked video above, and check out some of the original teasers on Instagram below.