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Listen to previously unreleased Nirvana recordings

Alternate versions and completely new tracks have surfaced after a fan bought a session reel off of eBay

A lucky fan who bought a Nirvana session reel off of eBay has discovered some previously unreleased recordings from the band.

The reel is dated from February 15, 1993, the same year as In Utero, the band’s final studio album.

This news comes after reports that Kurt’s personal art pieces, which have never been seen before, might tour as part of a new exhibition.

According to Alternative Nation, the reel was recorded at Pachyderm Studios and contained seven never-before-heard tracks. There are two new songs, one with a solo performance from Dave Grohl, the other a track called “Lullaby”. Stereogum speculates that it has Kurt Cobain on the drums. The reel also includes two different versions of “Dumb” and three versions of “Marigold”, with one track featuring Kera Schaley on the cello.

Listen to the recordings, uploaded by the fan to YouTube, below.