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Tyler, the Creator remixes Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’

The rapper transforms Zayn’s hit single into a breezy bit of synth pop, and releases an extremely dumb video to go with it

Tyler, the Creator is a big fan of Zayn Malik. Back in August last year, the rapper reached out to the pop musician on Twitter about working on music. Though that collaboration never materialised, Tyler has released his own remix of Zayn’s “Pillowtalk” – and recorded an extremely dumb video for it.

Tyler’s remix turns the balladic original into a breezy, twinkling piece of lo-fi synth pop. Its video (which is blocked in the UK on copyright grounds, but captured on Twitter) sees Tyler dance around his room and absolutely slay an unplugged guitar. It also doubles up as a pretty unsubtle advert for Tyler’s Golf Wang range – at one point he flashes a branded lighter right up at the camera and lets it linger for a few seconds with logo in full view.

Tyler also explained a bit more about the remix in a series of tweets last night. Apparently the the track was made back in March and is unmixed, while Tyler only made the video because the track had no artwork.

When asked by a user why their mooted collaboration never happened (Zayn expressed enthusiasm at the time: “sounds sick BRO let do some shit”), Tyler replied “CAUSE THAT NIGGA FLAKED ON STUDIO SESSIONS TWICE”.

Watch the video above, check out Tyler’s tweets below, and revisit Dazed’s recent cover story on Zayn as well as our interview with Tyler about the fashion industry.