We talk to legend Chaka Khan as she returns with a new video

The funk and R&B goddess teams up with her sister Taka Boom and brother Mark Stevens for new track - we talk to her about family, change and Prince

Chaka Khan is back. Alongside her brother Mark Stevens and sister Taka Boom, the disco and funk powerhouse layers a raw, emotion-filled vocal over the FOMO-produced “House of Love” – and Dazed has the world premiere of its party-starting, feel-good video, as well as a chat with the Queen of Funk herself.

“My sister Taka brought both my brother and I on board,” says Chaka over email. “Upon hearing the track, there was no turning back,” she enthuses. “Inspiration ensued big time!”

“House of Love” is a sort of family reunion for Chaka and her siblings. “It’s the first time all three of us have been on a track together,” she says, recalling their time in the studio as ‘monumental’. “It was a long time coming but really fun.”

“Taka called me one Sunday morning and said, ‘I’ve got Chaka with me, do you want her to sing on anything?’,” Stevens says of the first session, I replied saying, “I'll meet you at the studio in an hour.”

Its video is an eye-popping montage of live performances. Speaking about the influences behind both the song and its video, Chaka says that “we made a record about the love and importance of family and how deep the roots of love should run.” It’s something that she thinks is somewhat missing nowadays, though. “Music today is somewhat light in the ass,” she suggests. But Chaka has the answer. “We plan on bringing it full circle: real musicians, no auto-tune, lyrics with a message of hope and something to get everybody fired up on the dancefloor.”

Having watched the music industry change over the last 40 years, Chaka says that “dance is dance, though the music can be questionable at times. DJs are the artists now however, and I know of some making more money than me. But people will always dance and I’m happy to make sure they do.”

Throughout her career, Chaka Khan has used her status in the music industry to bring about change and create conversation. “We as artists have a platform to bring about change and enlightenment,” she says. “It’s our duty and pleasure to share our gifts, and in return we are gifted with the appreciation of our craft... Music crosses all barriers, its language is universal,” she continues. “It’s a privilege and honour to have a calling such as music. It runs deep, soothes wounds, dries tears and creates memories...”

One extremely special artist Chaka worked with and became great friends with was Prince. “Prince worshipped Chaka,” says Mark Stevens, “In his eyes, she is the greatest. They were very close. They toured together extensively and did many one-off concerts and recordings. There’ll never be another like Prince and there never was. He was a cultural icon, musical genius, unparalleled as a performer, warm, loving and an intelligent, beautiful man.” Chaka remembers her friend best though. “Prince was not of this planet. He was a true innovator, a magic miracle. I still don't believe he is gone...”

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