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Watch Vietnam’s number one rap queen spit for Barack Obama

See Suboi stand up at a conference in Ho Chi Minh City and rap about whether people with big houses and money are really happy

Firstly, Suboi is amazing. The Vietnamese, 26-year-old Eminem obsessive used to front a nu-metal band before leaving that behind to kickstart a rap career. Earlier this year we interviewed Suboi about the personal elements to her music, hitting up SXSW and circumventing censorship at home. Since then, she’s been busy and found herself rapping for the President Of The United States at a question and answer session with Vietnamese youth in Ho Chi Minh City. As you do.

In the video, Suboi stands up to ask Barack Obama a question about how important arts and culture is to nations, declaring that she’s a rapper. Obama says he’ll happily answer once she’s performed a rap and even beatboxes so she can lay something down (his beatboxing ain’t that great). Suboi dives in acapella and enlists the help of claps from the crowd to keep her flow.

When’s she done, she announces that Vietnamese people think that “rapping isn’t for women”. Obama says that it’s much the same in the US, before responding to her question by saying that he truly believes that if you try to suppress the arts, you’re suppressing the deepest dreams and aspirations of the people.”

Watch below.