Watch Cali rapper Antwon lead a cult in his new video

The underground rapper shares a sinister, Heaven’s Gate-inspired clip for ‘100k’

Antwon is a formidable force in the US rap underground, having built up a reputation off the back of several strong mixtapes over the past five years. His latest EP, Double Ecstasy, precedes a new album due later this year and is the culmination of the strong momentum that the Californian rapper has been building. On EP highlight “100k”, Antwon raps about earning an extremely respectable $100,000 over the course of one summer while an airy beat from Lars Stalfors plays underneath. In its new video (boasting a cameo from Ratking’s Wiki), Antwon takes command of a cult in a Californian mansion. Things take a sinister turn as the cult arm themselves to the teeth, trace down any deserters, and consume a steady supply of a mysterious purple liquid – it’s hard to tell whether it’s cough syrup or Kool-Aid.

“I've always been fascinated by Heaven’s Gate and some of the other bizarre cults and mysterious groups throughout the years,” says video director Jack Wagner, “I look at Antwon as kind of a cult figure in the rap world. He has his own very specific niche and following that exists kind of outside of the mainstream and stands out. I thought it would fit – and quite honestly, I also just wanted to see Antwon in a white robe.”

“I am no shape or form pro-gun shooting people or gun violence,” Antwon adds. “I believe the message in this video is that most rap today is cult-like anyways – so why the fuck not throw it in their face in a tasteful way?”