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The only tracks you need to hear this week

This week’s best new tracks, featuring Dawn Richard, Lone, RAY BLK and Stormzy

The unofficial theme for this week’s playlist is “lush”. Most of these tracks here sound truly sumptuous, from the dembow-kissed rhythms and premier crooning of UK singer/producer Palmistry on “Lifted” to the bittersweet sounds of “My Hood”, an ode to home by up-and-coming South East London singer Ray BLK and new school grime MC Stormzy. Elsewhere, inc. (aka Daniel and Andrew Aged, former session musician brothers turned R&B auteurs) deliver some arresting pop songwriting on “The Wheel”, while ex-Danity Kane singer Dawn Richard and Fade to Mind label boss Kingdom sound positively weightless on “Baptize”.

Listen to the playlist below.