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death grips

Death Grips drop new album Bottomless Pit and instrumentals

The Cali outfit's 13-track release is out to stream, alongside the original stems and acapella clips that are available to download for free

The experimental hip-hop group have finally dropped the follow-up to Jenny Death with new release, Bottomless Pit.

It’s the Californians’ fifth studio album, featuring 13 tracks that the group have teased fans mercilessly over since their first announcement in October last year. Previously, Death Grips released the bizarre “Interview 2016”: a mind-bending, green-tinged short film and musical arrangement featuring actor Matthew Hoffman interviewing the band, dubbed over with beats. Alongside the prior leak of artwork, lyrics and a tracklist, “Hot Head” was the first single off of the album, and “Trash” was a track only accessible before through a special hotline for fans.

The instrumental and acapella stems of Bottomless Pit have also been put out, a practice the group have participated in before with NO LOVE DEEP WEB and 2013’s Government Plates.

You can now stream the whole album on Youtube and Spotify.