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Tamaryn Sugarfix Video

Tamaryn takes a doomed night drive in her Lynchian new video

The dreamy pop artist goes all Lost Highway in her new video for ‘Sugarfix’

New Zealand-born, American-made Tamaryn Brown is the type of artist who won’t compromise her vision, her music, her style, her hair colour, her mode of transport, her cultural influences, her tour support slots, her opinions... You know that everything Tamaryn does is executed perfectly as she wants it to be. Call it control-freakery, call it boss-level pride in her contributions to the creative world, her latest venture is in video directing.

For her latest single “Sugarfix”, taken from her third album Cranekiss, Tamaryn has only gone and made a Lynchian night drive short film out in the middle of the California desert to elevate the track’s dream pop basslines and celestial vocals. “I wanted to shoot some sort of death scene with a lot of close-ups and abstraction,” she says, “I tried to put the focus on the beauty of the images and less on the potential melodrama of the plot.”

It’s just as well that she set the hours aside in time — only a few days ago it was announced that Tamaryn will be joining British 90s indie stalwarts Lush on tour, starting next week and running in to May. A dream come true for her.

We caught up with Tamaryn about a few very important things.

Hi Tamaryn! You just directed your first video — congrats! Where was it shot?

Tamaryn: I shot it out in the Mojave desert, but I wasn’t trying to make some desert road trip video. It all takes place at night and could be just about anywhere, really.

When did you decide: I am just going to direct this myself?

Tamaryn: I had the ‘doomed night drive’ idea in my mind for months. I just figured I might as well get a little team together to assist me and direct it myself. I thrive in collaboration, but sometimes it’s fun to go rogue!

What were your visual inspirations? There's a real Lost Highway vibe...

Tamaryn: Obviously Lost Highway influenced some of the main shots — that’s one of my all time favourite films. I was also thinking about 23 Envelope’s designs; the shot with the rippling plastic on the dirt is pretty Vaughn Oliver. I wanted to do something simple, dark, and beautiful without needing to rely too much on narrative or shock value. I think the colours make it sort of comic book noir as well.

“I wanted to do something simple, dark, and beautiful without needing to rely too much on narrative or shock value.” — Tamaryn

Nice! Is this the final single from your third album Cranekiss?

Tamaryn: Maybe...

I see, leaving it open. Well, how about this going on the road with Lush business! Were you a Lush fan growing up?

Tamaryn: I’m beyond excited. Getting the chance to play these shows is life’s way of telling me I’m doing something right. I love Lush. My first single from my debut LP Love Fade was heavily inspired by Nothing Natural. Miki (Berenyi, singer)’s lyrics are something every teen needs in their life. They’re just real as fuck, and their perspective seemed to represent me more than a lot of their contemporaries.

Of all the other 90s British bands, who else would you dream of re-forming?

Tamaryn: It seems like everyone has. I guess Cocteau Twins would be the ideal.

I was just wondering this morning – when are Cocteau Twins going to get on the bandwagon! You recently moved to LA, correct? What lies ahead?

Tamaryn: Yeah, I’m living in Los Angeles and really loving it. I bought the Miata in the video and am cruising around with the wind in my hair, living life without a care... I’m working on some new music and have some remixes and remixed video coming out. I don’t see any signs of stopping soon. Creatively speaking, it’s just getting good.