Watch Baauer reach new heights post-viral phenomenon

The Philadelphia-born beatmaker follows up his 2012 internet hit with a psychedelic-infused debut and a documentary to match

Harry Rodriguez – also known as Baauer, the viral sensation and creator of the now notorious “Harlem Shake” – is on the cusp of releasing his anticipated debut album Aa. M.I.A., Rustie, Leikeli47 are the known collaborators on the LP, and the recent release of "Kung Fu", featuring Future and Pusha T, hints at the solid, synth and snares heavy hits on the horizon. 

In this Dazed documentary, we trace the dizzying new heights Baauer is intent on reaching: through a snowy New York, to intense musical sessions in-studio with balaclava-clad Leikei47, and neon-lasered light shows performing to thousands of ravers. Rodriguez explains his musical and personal evolution, as he feels for confidence in the industry chaos.