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Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar

Protesters chant Kendrick Lamar during Donald Trump rally

The rapper’s track ‘Alright’ was sung by crowds following a cancelled political event in Chicago

Following on from Kendrick Lamar’s politically charged Grammys appearance, (in which the rapper appeared on-stage wearing a prison uniform), the rappers track Alright has been heard chanted by protesters this past weekend at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago.

Lamar’s music has solidified itself as the authentic political sound of a generation, however unlike other artists whose political statements can often seem isolated to a moment or performance, Lamar’s music has actually crossed over into the world of real-life protest.

Hailed as an unofficial Black Lives Matter anthem, crowds could be heard voicing the track in celebration after the presidential candidate postponed the event due to security reasons. The cancellation came after a 50,000 signature strong e-petition calling for Trump’s appearance to be cancelled.

Confronting themes of police brutality and racial inequality in his lyrics, Lamar dropped a surprise album (Untitled unmastered) just last week, featuring tracks dating back to 2013-2014. However, this isn’t the first time his music – or Alright in particular – has been used as to soundtrack acts of political protest. The To Pimp A Butterfly track has previously been chanted at racial equality protests in Cleveland and in Washington.