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Björk fights for Icelandic national park project

The songwriter is backing the Hálendið campaign to protect Iceland’s highlands by establishing a national park and preventing development of the region

Björk has added her name to a list of supporters petitioning the Icelandic government to create a national park in the country's highlands.

Yesterday, various organisations across Iceland (including the Iceland Nature Conservation Association, the Icelandic Travel Industry Association, and 20 outdoor activity associations) made a written agreement at Reykjavík town hall supporting the Hálendið campaign, a project that aims to protect the central highland of Iceland by establishing a national park, owned by the Icelandic nation, and prevent extensive development planned for the region.

Also present at the signing was Björk, who stressed that the Icelandic government must respect the country's people by establishing the park. Björk has been vocal in her support of the campaign before: she's previously appeared at a press conference alongside writer-environmentalist Andri Snær Magnason, written an open letter to Iceland's Minister of Industry and Commerce, shared a home-made video with her fans, and spoken to Sky News on the subject.

The highlands contain volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, mud pools, vast lava fields, and black sand, forming the largest area of untouched wilderness in Europe. Among the demands from the Hálendið petition are the withdrawal of plans for hydro-electric dams, power stations, or high voltage pylons in the area. UK prime minister David Cameron travelled to Iceland last year to assess the possibility of using energy from Iceland's volcanoes to provide the UK with energy.

You can find out more information about the project and sign the petition here.