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Track artwork courtesy of Gaika
Track artworkcourtesy of Gaika

Listen to Gaika’s insane rework of a Death Grips track

The Brixton-born beatmaker goes hard and heavy for his new track ‘The Villainous Theme’

We’ve been hooked on South London artist Gaika since day one, when he released his debut mixtape Machine, a warped blend of grime, dance hall, garage, hip hop and R&B. And now, the beatmaker is back with new track “The Villianous Theme”, an eerie slice of distorted electronics which sees him spit bars over a fearless rework of Death Grips “Runway D” (from their 2014 album Fashion Week).

“I don’t really deal with fuckery of any kind,” Gaika told Dazed, speaking about the track. “Death Grips are the ultimate ‘fuck you’ band. I rate them so highly – it’s sonically incredible music and it just hit me in the bones when heard it. You know these guys were signed to Sony and leaked their own album with a dick on the cover when someone tried that Kesha bullshit on them. I think Kesha should call them and they should make a dope country/grunge record. I’ll put that out for free via GKZ under so many layers of encryption so no one can case or desist. I’m 100% serious.”

“Look at the state of the mainstream music industry – exploitation, exclusion and appropriation seem to be normal for pop these days and it’s a dead yard to me. I guess I’m an outsider, and I think that living in my own gaze gives me some perspective and security. This song is about straight regulating all that major label nonsense, because sometimes you got to go all Ice Cube on these pricks for real.”

Listen to the track in full below:

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