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Yung Lean
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Listen to Yung Lean’s new album Warlord here

The sad-boy rapper has returned with a triumphant follow-up to Unknown Memories

Fresh off the back of a long line of Instagram teasers, Swedish sad-boy rapper Yung Lean has finally dropped his second album, Warlord, which is available to stream in full on Spotify (below).

Crammed full of references to kush (his track “Afghanistan” is about Afghan draw), sports merch (“AF1s” pays homage to the iconic Nike kicks) and emotional vibes (in “Eye Contact” he raps, “I don’t have no feelings left, I don’t wanna hurt”), Warlord is definitely a Lean record through and through. But although he’s maintained his sad-boy style, the album reveals a musical evolution, with darker, heavier production, and noticeably less warped, Auto-Tuned vocals.

While the album is primarily produced by Lean’s long time collaborators Yung Sherman and Yung Gud, there are also two contributions (in “More Stacks” and “Highway Patrol”) from Mike Dean, a US producer who’s worked with a slew of rap greats including Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Listen to the full album below, and click here to check out Lean’s new clothing line.