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arca and shayne oliver
Shayne Oliver and ArcaPatrick O’Neill

Listen to ‘Sick’ by Wench

‘you so sick if you’d rather be with him, call for medicine, you're so sick’

It’s been known for some time that a fully-realised collaboration between composer Arca and Hood By Air boss Shayne Oliver is out there. In conversation with Shayne Oliver for Dazed’s spring issue cover story, Arca said: ‘We have dozens of songs. Forty to fifty tracks. Shayne is doing vocals – it’s a combination of chanting and singing and rap. There wasn’t any conversation. It was completely spontaneous.” As yet, there’s no word on when the album drops, but we’re pleased to be able to premiere a Wench track today, available as a free download.

Spoiler: “Sick” is beautiful. A floating, detuned melody backs up Oliver’s alien, lovesick vocals that appear to reach out to a distant lover, both jilted yet defiant. Oliver says he draws influence from the freedom of sensuality, sexuality and liberating his soul.

“A lot of it comes from chanting and mantras,” he says. “Letting up my soul. I think, more than anything else, the beats that were selected were very sexy. You know what I mean? And I reacted to that. They are sexy chants. But not in the way of, ‘I’m going to take you home and take off your panties’ – it’s more sensual.”

Grab the track below and cast your eyes over the lyrics. Wench have arrived in the world.

you’re so
you’re so
you’re so
you’re so sick
*cough cough*
call for medicine

you so sick if you’d rather be with him
call for medicine, you're so sick

repent repent,
being with him is a sin
if you wanna be with him

you’re so thin
if you’d rather be that girl
put you back into
back into that world

we live in the luxury
you can’t sleep
you can’t eat
you are such pussy 
never coming for my girls
never could be in my world

you’re the bitch
you’re the bitch with no twist
you’re the twist with a glitch