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Kanye West in Dazed & Confused, issue 32, 2005
Kanye West in Dazed & Confused, issue 32, 2005Photography by Matt Holyoak

Kanye fans, today is your day

The much-hyped Yeezy album is being released today – and it's called 'The Life of Pablo'

Sometimes being a Kanye fan can be tough, what with the outbursts and the album name-changes and the otherwise unpredictable behaviour. Which makes the special things all that much better – like today. 

Late last night, Kanye announced that his much-hyped new album, which is being released today, will be called 'The Life of Pablo'. If you're wondering whether he means Escobar (the Columbian drug lord) or Picasso (the Spanish artist) – well, it's intentionally left unclear, as Kanye himself acknowledges in the handwritten tracklist he posted to Twitter announcing the new title. However, Kanye fans online have pointed out that Yeezy has compared himself to Picasso in the past, including in this speech to a group of Oxford students, so our money's probably on the artist.

While The Life of Pablo isn't being released until late this evening with a listening party at Madison Square Gardens, any Yeezy fans out there who can't wait can distract themselves by watching the just-released documentary 'Dissertation: A Kanye West story". It's basically a collection of some big-name music journalists analysing Kanye's style and legacy, but it's surprisingly watchable. Catch it below.