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Dazed February 2016 Playlist

The only tracks you need to hear in February

Rihanna gets to work, Brooke Candy makes a comeback and Blood Orange teams up with our favourite 00s icon

TextDaisy JonesIllustrationJavier Sola

February can be a little boring, but this month arrived with a bang: Queen Ri-Ri finally released her too-long-awaited eighth album ANTI, which we’ve had on repeat all week, our favourite bleary-eyed sad boy rapper Yung Lean called it a comeback via three news tracks, Kanye West took a breath from going ham on Wiz Khalifa to give us a real-life taster of his upcoming album (FKA So Help Me God, FKA Swish, FKA Waves), our favourite bad bitch Brooke Candy made a low-key return with “Happy Days”, and Blood Orange teamed up with 00s icon Nelly Furtado for “Hadron Collider”, a track which was only available on tape before it leaked because its 2016 and the internet exists. As ever, we’ve included some lesser-known gems also, from Chino Amobi’s off-kilter rework of old skool Alicia Keys to WTCHCRFT’s ode to boy bands and a new one from BROCKHAMPTON’s Matt Champion.