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Yung Lean just dropped a brand new track ‘AF1’s’
Yung Lean just dropped a brand new track ‘AF1’s’via

Listen to Yung Lean’s new track ‘AF1’s’

The sad boy rapper just unleashed a taster from his upcoming album ‘Warlord’

If sadness has become the defining sound and aesthetic of the decade, its pioneering figurehead is Yung Lean, the Swedish oddball rapper and Dazed 100 graduate whose heavy-lidded hip hop gems, 00s-channelling DIY videos and Auto-tuned creations have made him one of this generation’s most unique creative forces.

And now, two years after his debut album Unknown Memory, the 19-year-old artist is back with his follow-up Warlord, out later this month. Earlier today, he released “AF1’s (ft. ECCO2K)”, marking another track from his upcoming collection (he released “Hoover” and “How You Like Me Now” last month).

The track, which stands for ‘Air Force 1’s’, features hypnotic, slow-turning production from fellow Sad Boy Yung Sherman, as well as the talents of Gravity Boys’ illusive icon, ECCO2K. “Chain like a seahorse, It’s everything Leandoer, all white Dior, all I wear is Dior,” raps Lean, with his distinctly warped, bleary-eyed vocals. “Catch me on my samsung, SBE anthem, I be in the night creeping round like the phantom.”

Listen to the whole track below, and watch the album trailer here.

Update: Yung Lean has now shared the tracklist for Warlord. Check it out below:

1. Immortal

2. Highway Patrol ft. Bladee

3. Fantasy ft. Lil Flash

4. Afghanistan

5. Hoover

6. Fire

7. Stay Down

8. Eye Contact

9. More Stacks

10. AF1’s ft. ECCO2K

11. Hocus Pocus Ft. Bladee

12. Shawty U Know What It Do

13. Miami Ultras