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DJ Khaled
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DJ Khaled becomes middle school principal

The Def Jam South president took charge of a Miami school for one day

We could all learn a lot from DJ Khaled. After astounding the world with some seriously profound Snapchats and social posts, the Def Jam South president has become a symbol of hope to all. Offering knowledge on the true key to success, he’s dropped advice on breakfast cereal, apples, haters, and even Dove deodorant. He’s also shared some of his darkest moments with the world – like that time he got lost on a jet ski after having lunch with Rick Ross. “The key is to make it,” he wailed into the night. “The key is never give up. It’s not easy to win.”

Luckily, the US education system is starting to wise up to his teachings – and yesterday, Khaled was given the role of principal to Carol City Middle School in Miami. The producer, who was visiting the school after it won a nationwide attendance contest, was given the keys for one day – spreading his knowledge and passing on the 🔑 to the next generation. He also donated $10,000 to its music program, and served lunch from his own Finga Lickin restaurant. 

Fortunately for you, the whole journey was captured on his Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Live it all, as it happened, below: