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Yung Lean is opening an online clothes store
Yung Lean is opening an online clothes storevia

Yung Lean is opening an online clothes store

The Swedish teen and the Sad Boys are releasing original garms – have a peek of their first piece here

Do you have a predication for early-00s aesthetics? Do you feel emotionally weighed down by the dead-eyed capitalism of post-millennium life? Do you like your hip hop served sad, bored and Auto-tuned? If you answered yes to all the above, then maybe it’s about time you started dressing like Swedish rapper Yung Lean, because you’re clearly soul mates.

Luckily, Lean’s record label Sad Boys Entertainment has announced plans to open an online clothing store. Named SBE, the store will officially open next month. As well as a new line of clothes and accessories, SBE will release collaborations with various artists, designers and creatives throughout the year.

While they have revealed very little info about the store so far, the first piece (below) can be seen via their Instagram and shows a plain white oversized shirt with a black sketch of a face. According to SBE, the shirt is a collaboration “with brand ‘Visible' by o’D Möngke, a Mongolian born, Sweden based garment designer and close friend of SBE."

On Lean’s personal Instagram, the rapper also revealed more SBE apparel, including two caps (black and white), a black tee and some stickers. 

h/t The Fader