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david bowie

Listen to 60 minutes of David Bowie’s synth oddities

A one-hour musical tribute to the icon who massively influenced electronic music

Everyone has their favourite David Bowie musical era. For me, it was when he teamed up with Brian Eno in 1977 to create "The Berlin Trilogy” of albums – Low, Heroesand Lodger – followed by his hyper pop work with Nile Rodgers on Let’s Dance. He was one of my ultimate synth heroes; a star who revelled in creating everything from ambient electronic soundscapes and chart topping synth pop, to IDB and brutal industrial music. I created this mix to celebrate his massive contribution to electronic music, which was broadcasted live on NTS last night as a tribute to the great man. From the hits to some deep cuts you may not have heard before, take some time out and submerge yourself in an hour of the master’s immortal synth oddities.


1. Shake it
2. Let’s Dance
3. Weeping Wall
4. Ashes to Ashes
5. A New Career in a New Town
6. Sound and Vision
7. Segue-Algeria Touchshriek
8. Brilliant Adventure
9. V-2 Schneider
10. Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)
11. Art Decade
12. Leon Takes Us Outside
13. Ian Fish UK Heir
14. Neukoln
15. The Mysteries
16. Wishful Beginnings
17. Moss Garden
18. Warszawa