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ASAP Yams tweets
A first glimpse of “Gems”, the book of A$AP Yams best tweetsAjani Braithwaite

You can buy a book of A$AP Yams’ best tweets

A$AP Mob’s inspirational guru died last year – we speak to someone who is memorialising his mind and social media presence

Nearly a year ago, A$AP "Steven Rodriguez" Yams, founding member of Harlem hip-hop collective A$AP Mob, passed away, the result of acute mixed drug intoxication. His friends, rappers such as A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky, announced his death on January 18 2015.

Nearly a year on, his presence is still missed by those that knew him best, but his eerily still-active Twitter account – loved far and wide by hip-hop culture – is to be committed to paper in a new book called Gems compiled by Ajani Braithwaite, someone who took inspiration from his 140 character musings.

“Yams was definitely one of my favorite people on Twitter,” Braithwaite tells Dazed. “You never knew what was coming next. I loved the realness mixed in with his comedic flair. Yams was a trendsetter, right down to the slang he used. When he died, I wouldn’t say I was "hurt", but I knew the culture suffered a big loss.”

Yams is widely acknowledged as being responsible for having launched the superstar careers of his friends Rocky and Ferg, a person stood at the forefront of hip-hop culture, someone who truly understood the genre and the way it ran.

The book of Yams’ best tweets is to be released on January 18, the one year anniversary of Yams’ death, the same day that a memorial concert will be held at NYC’s Terminal 5. It’s retailing at $40 and can be ordered here, with all proceeds going to Yams’ family. Braithwaite also has the support of A$AP Mob.

“A$AP Twelvyy has been a huge help as far as getting me in contact with Yams’s family. A$AP Illz has known about the book for about ten months now and he felt it was a good idea too.”