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Justin Bieber wants the NHS to get Christmas number one

The singer doesn’t care about getting to the top spot – he needs you to ‘do the right thing’

It’s the yearly fight for Christmas number one. Last year it was Uptown Funk versus some bloke from the X Factor’s track. This year it’s Justin Bieber and the rest of pop royalty…versus the NHS.

The National Health Service, who are facing yet more cuts and further privatisation under a Tory government, are hitting the charts with “A Bridge Over You”, performed by The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS choir. And in an act of reasonable selflessness, Bieber himself has told his fans to download their track to help them win, instead of his own.

“So for 1 week it’s ok not to be #1. Let's do the right thing & help them win. It's Christmas,” he wrote on Twitter.

By making this 99p purchase of the NHS track you’re not only showing your support for the health service, you’re donating to mental health charity Mind and Carers UK. 

Considering Bieber isn’t even from the UK it’s pretty cool he’s supporting the NHS. You’re the real winner here, JB.

Download “A Bridge Over You” here.