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KamixloRusne Pazdrazdyte

Listen to Kamixlo’s demented nu-metal club mix

This kid is no question London’s best DJ right now – check this forty minute assault moving between Britney, Bieber and the sound of the bleakest basements

If you’re not familiar with Kamixlo, get to know. He’s the South London producer who’s just put out his debut EP with CODES and the DJ who’s part of the Endless and Bala Club crews, currently throwing the most fun, forward thinking parties in the city.

Kamixlo’s sets are relentless, punishing blends of reggaeton, bachata and pop – with the mission statement appearing to be "if it bangs, it goes on". His Dazed mix plays by those rules, with an edit of Britney’s "Toxic" near the beginning, Dark0’s Bieber remix near the end and names like Evian Christ and Angel-Ho in between. He also drops a lot of his own productions, with "Lariat" and "Paleta" (not on this mix) having proved "what the fuck is this" moments on many dancefloors over the past few months.

"I wanted the mix to start and end with a couple of emotional nu-metal songs so I asked Uli K and Malibu to record a cover of "Always" by Saliva for the intro and I asked Bladee to record a cover of "Cold" by Crossfade for the outro," says Kamixlo. "The rest is amazing music that I've received by my favorite artists." Listen below.