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Exclusive Moiré mix

The rising electronic producer mixes together an hour of his formative musical influences, from Bowie and Joy Division to Peshay and DJ Shadow

Every month I invite a pioneering musician to mix together an hour of their formative electronic influences for my Synth Hero show on NTS radio. This month it’s the turn of Moiré. With a background in architecture and design, Moiré named himself after a trippy visual effect that occurs when you overlap two identical patterns. Applying that same wavy logic to techno music, house and beyond, the London based producer released his debut album, Shelter, on Actress’s WERK DISCS last year and the Never Sleep EP in June. He has just dropped the Gel EP on R&S Records. In this mix he explores the synthesised musicians who have inspired his musical career, from Joy Division to Peshay. Are you ready to get lost between the sound waves?


00:00 Weather Report – “Milky Way, 1971”
02:18 DJ Shadow – “Transmission 2”
03:21 Primary Motive – “Dreamworld”
11:48 David Lynch – “Noahs Ark”
16:30 Gyorgy Ligeti – “Atmospheres”
20:40 David Bowie – “I'm Deranged”
23:02 Joy Division – “Dead Souls, in the studio with Martin Hammet”
28:40 Liaison Dangereuses – “Peut être...pass”
34:55 Sinoia Caves – “Forever Dilating Eye”
39:05 Alessandro Cortini – “Carta”
44:40 Derrick May – “Kaotic Harmony”
50:45 Peshay – “Music Rework”