Dive into this skin-crawling body horror from The Shoes

Filmmaker Karim Huu Do transforms a hellish relationship breakdown into a disturbing slice of cinema

Sometimes the things that disturb us the most are things that sit uncomfortably close to our real lives; a familiar face that doesn’t look quite right, a drop of blood in the wrong place, a party that turns into a nightmare. Filmmaker and Dazed 100 alumnus Karim Huu Do is a master at capturing these strangely affecting moments and transforming them into otherworldly, cinematic creations. In this exclusive premiere of his latest alien-like visual for French synth duo The Shoes, a hellish relationship breakdown is expressed via warped limbs, a deathly pool and a writhing, muscle-filled cloud scattered with veins.

Speaking about the slow-turning, synth-smudged shapes of the track, The Shoes commented, “It deals with the idea of how someone can take control of somebody else, especially in a love relationship. Throughout the track, there is this contrast between Blaine Harrison's (of Mystery Jets) calm and controlled voice and Ines' (of Rocky) more chaotic and distorted way of responding to him. This duality is well echoed in the film by the two actors. He is always strangely out of reach, whereas she is getting more and more tortured.”

Director Karim Huu Do likens the track to taking drugs. “The slow tempo, the nonchalance in the surreal lyrics, everything in this song made me think about how you experience a drug," he explained. "I explored the physical and mental state you go through when you’re taking a substance. More precisely, how the dopamine is released into your brain, and how drugs interfere with it. All together, it makes the story you see in this film; a couple that feel like a drug. While one is losing control of his mind, the other is losing control of her body.”