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The ultimate soundtracks of London Fashion Week

From 90s nostalgia with Ultra Naté to uber-pop anthems with Bieber, LFW was full of the unexpected – here’s a playlist to prove it

From the freaks, queens and outcasts at this season’s Gareth Pugh, to the DIY punk spirit of McQ, and the 90s rave culture ode that was Caitlin Price, London Fashion Week was all about giving the country’s most dynamic subcultures a fresh new face lift. However, it wasn’t just the garments that repurposed the past, but the unapologetically throwback soundtracks too, from the wavy trip-hop of Massive Attack at Jonathan Saunders, to the early-00s beats of Moloko and the club-ready sound of Ultra Naté at Sibling. That’s not to say it was all about nostalgia, though. Our fave Justin Bieber kept J.W. Anderson lit with “Where Are U Now” (yes, really) and Little Mix injected Ashley Williams with a heady dose of uber-pop. With that in mind, we’ve collated the best of LFW into one seriously eclectic mix, so press play and make it loud!