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Why Grace Jones rejected Lady Gaga’s plea to work with her

‘I have to not just like what you do, but be inspired by what you do, and I was not inspired’

It’s not been the greatest few days for Lady Gaga. At first, Die Antwoord called her a ‘fuktard parasite biter bitch’ after she got her hair cut in Yo-landi Visser’s signature 'baby bangs' style, and now, Grace Jones has revealed that she refused to work with the singer because she was ‘too affected’.

In Jones’ upcoming autobiography, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, the music icon writes about how Lady Gaga approached her for a possible collaboration, but she turned it down. Speaking to BBC Radio 4, she explained: “I say no a lot. For me, a collaboration has to start by planting a seed and to see if your chemistry works together, and then you have an exchange of ideas. If someone just comes and says, ‘work with me’ my initial thing is to say, ‘no! It doesn’t work like that for me.’” She then added: “I have to not just like what you do, but be inspired by what you do, and I was not inspired. From the very beginning, when I met her, I thought her to be too affected. I thought she was still looking for herself.”

This isn’t the first time that Jones has called out today's pop artists. Speaking to us for an interview last week, she commented: “Every now and then you’ll have individuals that stick out and actually have a chance. I’m sure there is a lot of talent out there, but it’s like they are bucking up against walls instead of maneuvering around it. I was more underground and I used to look at everyone in pop and think that I didn’t want to sing because I don’t want to be like that. Now, all the songs sound alike except from a handful.”

When asked who deserves to be called a ‘music visionary’ today, she replied, “Amy Winehouse was one of those voices and styles that stood out. And there are young people that are not known out there yet, but they are in the underground.”

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