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RIhanna’s perfume launch was hit by anti-fur activistsvia Tumblr

Rihanna’s perfume launch hit by anti-fur activists

The BBHMM star was at Macy’s department store to promote her new product when a protest group stormed in

This week, Rihanna launched her new perfume "RiRi" at Macy’s department store in Brooklyn, New York. But it didn’t all go exactly to plan. As soon as she announced the new scent from the stage in Macy’s, an anti-fur protest group by the name of Their Turn stormed the launch holding placards and chanting "shame on Rihanna".

Rihanna wasn’t wearing fur at the event; she’d turned out in a bright, pink jacquard. However, she’s faced criticism in the past for wearing fur. The now-iconic dress she wore to this year’s Met Gala – you know, the one that became a meme – had a large fur trim, and she was pictured stepping out in a "Rolling Stones" fur coat in March of this year. Way back in 2011, animal rights group PETA criticised the singer for wearing an ostrich feather top and accused her of "flaunting stolen property".

"Their Turn" clearly aren’t happy either and in a short video uploaded to YouTube you can see a man wearing a "VEGAN" baseball cap being dragged away by security and fellow protesters marching through the store directing their anger at Rihanna, holding "Skinned Alive" and "Who Died For You Coat" posters.

Watch the disruption below.