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Evian Christ wears jumper by Nike
Evian Christ wears jumper by NikePhotography by Bafic, styling by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell

Evian Christ got locked in a cage at Leeds Festival

The Yeezus producer got mistaken for a VIP gatecrasher and thrown into a holding pen

Evian Christ – British dance producer and Kanye's favourite Merseysider – got locked in a cage after his DJ set at Leeds Festival this weekend.

Despite being featured on one of the biggest hip hop records of the last decade (Kanye West's Yeezus) he wasn't recognised by festival security, and ended up getting mistaken for a VIP gatecrasher and thrown into a temporary holding pen. But I guess we've all been there, right? ...Haven't we? Or maybe we haven't. Maybe locking people in cages is not something that's generally done these days. 

Understandably, Evian didn't take too well to being imprisoned for no reason, so he took to twitter to rally up support – arming himself with a short video and a #freeevian hashtag. It presumably worked, as he did eventually escape, but for pretty obvious reasons he has now had to cancel his follow-up Reading set. 

Good job, everyone.

Update: Evian Christ has released a statement on Facebook about this incident. 

In a post on Facebook, Christ wrote about his treatment by the security guards saying they seemed to think "i am there for their amusement, and a few times i am threatened with arrest by a police officer, once for saying "for fucks sake" into the distance, another time for "knocking a chair over". 

Despite the fact security had taken his artist's pass, this was not good enough. Christ wrote, "they respond that "anyone could have found [the pass] and stuck it on" (lol).

"i "cancelled" reading in an attempt to gain some leverage in the situation but nobody around me gave a fuck anyway and seemed to think it was funny. over an hour afterwards i was set #free by a "more senior" member of the security staff who seemed as bemused as me by the situation. i asked for an apology and was not given one."

While Reading and Leeds organiser, Melvin Benn, maintains that Christ was in a "bad way" when security found him and that he would not tell them who he was, Christ strongly disagrees. 

He wrote: "i'd had a few drinks as i always do at a show (your festival provided them) but i was fine and your security staff removed the only form of identification given to me after i provided them with it. those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at a DJ they locked in a cage".

According to Christ, later Leeds made a backstage "cage" area as a joke.

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