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Migos Jay Z and Ashanti

Playlist: every hip hop song with a designer in the title

Migos’ ‘Versace’ to Jay Z’s ‘Tom Ford’ and Ashanti’s ode to Jimmy Choo

Today's hip hop A-list have a taste for the subtle signifiers of luxury. Kanye dons Hermès, Thugger packs 32 pairs of Balmain jeans for tour, Nicki's man is "keeping me stylish" in architectural Alexander McQueen. A taste for the high end is reflected in the lyrics, too. Today, artists are less likely to shout out the brash logomania of a “Moschino hoe” (as Biggie did in '95) than the tailoring of Tom Ford (Jay Z), Versace's iconic Medusa emblem (Migos) or the scarlet soles of Louboutins (Soulja Boy). This isn't every single hip hop track on Spotify that takes the name of a designer clothing brand – but it's all the good ones.