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Chanel music

Karl Lagerfeld: secret fan of the musical underground

Didn't expect Chanel’s bouclé suits to be soundtracked by A. G. Cook and Chromatics? Think again

The Kaiser's stamp of approval doesn't come easily. Things that Mr Lagerfeld hates? Telephones, rice, sweatpants, and selfies. But the choosy creative director is a little more broad-minded when it comes to music. Lagerfeld keeps over 100 iPods, and even employs an "iPod Nanny" to ensure that the devices are looked after as well as Choupette. Natually, his work with Chanel has the same attention to audio detail. Working closely with sound alchemist Michel Gaubert, he's used unexpected artists like A. G. Cook, Clark and Hercules & Love Affair for show soundtracks in recent years, as well as inviting Chromatics to perform at SS13 and using Lo-Fang on a Chanel No. 5 short film. Check out our pick of the bunch from the last half-decade below.