FKA twigs premieres visual EP ‘M3LL155X’

The visionary stuns with her latest offering and releases four videos featuring pregnancy, fearless voguing and sex dolls

FKA twigs has released her long-awaited EP M3LL155X – or more simply – "Melissa", the name that the auteur has bestowed upon her "personal female energy."

The five-track EP is accompanied by four videos, all directed by twigs herself, who shows no sign of relinquishing an inch of creative control anytime soon. The videos are all rolled into one stunning, short film, the first section of which features a bejeweled Michèle Lamy; the famous fashion muse channelling the deep-sea angler fish with a fluorescent organ attached to her head while baring sharp, gold teeth.

The videos depict twigs pregnant with pain, yet also liberated by her own relationship with a very primal form of creativity. As always, the cinematic universe that twigs has created is definitively hers, a clear world for the audience, and her, to exist in. While firmly establishing her visual aesthetic, twigs has stepped it up sonically too.

The EP has been made with the producer Boots, who twigs met in New York by chance after finishing touring LP1. Long-time collaborators Tic and Cy An also worked on M3LL155X and the results are the artist’s most vital work yet.

On "I’m Your Doll", twigs reclaims lyrics that she wrote as a girl and delivers them as a woman. "Wind me up / I’m your doll / Dress me up / I’m your doll / Love me rough / I’m your doll." twigs truly owns these words now – they are no longer the submissive verses of a naive teenager.

M3LL155X EP tracklist:

"Figure 8"

"I’m Your Doll"

"In Time"

"Glass & Patron"